The Thing About Diamonds

Long ago and faraway, in the peaceful Dale of Bagon
A fair young princess named Cathy Nan played in the meadow with her dragon
The dragon was a gift from Cathy's mother, the Queen, on her tenth birthday
To the dragon she was kindred, for it's mother too, had long since gone away
The dragon was her protector, he made sure she came to no harm
He'd use his flames in winter, to keep young Cathy warm
This magical beast breathed fire, but his young friend he dared not blister
She named him Sir Reginald Aliquious Marceux the third
But mostly just called him 'Mister'
The two were the best of friends and spent all their time together
Mister was the sun in her fairy tale life, no matter the kind of weather
But when the princess one day grew older, her father made this decree
It is time for you to marry my child, you must leave that dragon be
For soon many suitors will come, to try and take your hand
They'll travel by ship, by foot and steed from many a foreign land
You must say goodbye to your dragon, it is time that he make way
Dragons are for children, not for brides on their wedding day
So, young Cathy went to her dragon, for what would be the very last time
She sobbed as she kissed his nose and said, "Mister you will always be mine"
But the time has come as time often does, and I must obey father
He feels that I must seek a prince and with a dragon, I shouldn't bother
Mister hung his head in sorrow, but he knew he must be strong
He could not let his life long friend see his face so long
You'll be fine her Mister said, and before too long you'll see
That your handsome prince from far away will be all you ever need
And with that said, her dragon knelt down and kissed her on the brow
He knew that Cathy would soon be fine and that he must leave her now
With a wink of his eye and a thrust of his tail he shot into the air
He looked down to see the princess crying, and that he couldn't bear
He flexed his wings with a mighty fury and soon he'd disappear
Young Cathy sat in her rolling meadow as the dust began to clear
She had never been without her Mister, whatever would she do
He was her friend without a doubt, her best friend through and through
But as time passed, she found herself thinking of him less often
Yet on those days when she was alone, she wondered where he'd gotten
Where did Mister go, you ask, he flew through the skies from that day on
His sadness never left him, but he knew he must be gone
His yellow eyes began to swell with pools of molten stone
And he cried and cried forever, his laughter now a moan
His tears fell down from the endless sky and burrowed in the earth
And with each tear that hit the ground, began a diamonds birth
The dragon flew the world forever, dropping tears into the ground
Hoping that just by chance one day, a diamond would be found
A diamond that would banish his sorrow and take away the sting
A diamond filled with so much love, it must be a princess's ring
And sure enough, not too much later, just such a diamond was found
A diamond of such fire and beauty, a diamond sure to astound
A diamond befitting a royal wife, the wife of a powerful man
A wife who has played with dragons, a wife called Cathy Nan
So heed this tale of love and hope in the peaceful Dale of Bagon
And know that diamonds are so precious, because they come from the tears of Cathy Nan

"Chuck Wilson"

Dec. 24, 2007

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